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Top 15 tips for Pokemon GO

There’s a number of info floating across the internet for actually intense advanced play, but not a lot for newer players. So I’ve put collectively this useful little information so shine some mild on a number of of the extra necessary features of Pokemon Go, and give a number of tips that could the up-and-comers and more informal players. I hope this helps, and in case you have any questions, please be happy to contact me or depart a remark and I’ll try to get to it!


This can be a biggie. By the time you discover this text you’ll possible have powered up your starter a bit and perhaps a number of others. That’s ok, but from here on out, don’t spend any of it! It doesn’t appear to be it now, but the fee to power up will increase as you degree, making it incredibly pricey to maintain issues maxed out. I know you want these pokemon to have the very best cp they will get, however try to be patient. At first you degree up fairly darn fast, and as you achieve this you naturally catch stronger pokemon, and with out having to spend your all-too-precious stardust. More on this later.

2. These gyms? Ignore them. No less than for some time.

“What?! Isn’t that the whole point of the game?! I’m finally allowed to click them and you want me to ignore them?!” Yeah, pretty much. At degree 5 Pokemon GO allows you to finally decide your workforce (select rigorously, there isn’t a redo on this one). You will in all probability also notice that the pokemon defending these gyms are large in comparison with yours. Now, it’s necessary to mention that you simply don’t have to have equal or larger cp pokemon to offer you an opportunity at profitable, but placing a 100cp pidgeotto towards a 1600 arcanine undoubtedly isn’t going to occur. Proper round levels 10-15 you’ll be able to in all probability begin working towards a bit of bit and also you’ll discover a couple of gyms you’ll be able to truly beat by yourself. If in case you have some greater degree associates to play with perhaps they’ll allow you to get your foot within the door, but you gained’t have the ability to put a great hurtin’ on gyms for quite a while. And that’s ok. Spend that time leveling up and studying the mechanics and easy methods to dodge and all that fun stuff. There are tons of articles and all types of conflicting opinions on how greatest to assault and defend and increase a fitness center, so I gained’t cowl that here. Just work on getting some stronger pokemon and studying, and also you’ll be taking down gyms very quickly.


Whenever you lastly are capable of attack gyms and get a pokemon in there, For every pokemon you could have in a health club on the similar time, you possibly can gather 10 free cash and 500 stardust. Doesn’t sound like much, however it provides up. Whenever you’re confident

you’ve gotten probably the most gyms you’ll be capable of maintain at a given time, go in to the store tab and on the highest right click on the green defend icon. You possibly can solely do this as soon as every 21 hours though, so click correctly!

four. Don’t evolve incrementally.

This is additionally part of the “Save your startdust” tip, however with a little bit of rationalization behind it. Chances are you’ll know from the unique Gameboy games that some pokemon have multiple evolutions. Something with 2 evolutions will value both 62 candies (12 for the primary, 50 for the second) or 125 candies (25 for first, 100 for second). As you play, hold transferring things out. You can do this beautiful safely without worrying about in-depth points like IV monitoring for a very long time. For example, if in case you have a cp 50 bellsprout and catch a cp 60 bellsprout, go ahead and transfer the cp 50 one, and hold doing this till you’re able to evolve. Do NOT evolve incrementally. Meaning, when you’ve got 25 oddish candies and need vileplume, don’t evolve your greatest oddish in to gloom. Wait till you might have all 125 candies. If in case you have a cp 200 oddish and make it a cp 370 gloom, it’s solely attainable it’ll take you 5 or 10 extra levels to get the subsequent 100 candies, and by then you definitely’ll be catching 350 oddishes. “So what? I have a 370 gloom!” So… Should you had waited till you had 125, you’d have a 350 oddish that would turn out to be a 500+ gloom, then instantly a 1200 vileplume (I’m guessing right here a bit, but shut sufficient). You’ve effectively made your gloom worthless to you, and wasted 25 candies. Do this with every Three tier pokemon. All the time wait ‘til you can go all out. If this doesn’t make sense, think about the numbers. It took you until degree 10 to gather the first 25 candies to evolve it as soon as. It’ll take you 4 occasions as long to collect the subsequent 100. That can be fairly a couple of ranges and quite a couple of a lot greater base pokemon. This only stops being true within the mid to excessive 20’s, when leveling slows down significantly, and you’re in all probability focusing on extra superior strategies like IV’s.

5. Catch every little thing you’ll be able to.

You get experience and stardust which is necessary, nevertheless it additionally teaches you numerous concerning the pokemon in your space. By degree 10 you’ll have an concept of which pokemon are widespread, unusual, uncommon, and ultra uncommon. Don’t be afraid to evolve more widespread pokemon as you get the candies either, JUST ONCE THOUGH, TO GET THE POKEDEX ENTRY (more in tip 7). For probably the most part, for those who’ve managed to get sufficient candies to evolve to its final stage by the time you’re degree 15, you’ll in all probability be finding a ton extra. So go forward and evolve them to fill out your pokedex, just don’t waste stardust beefing them up because you’ll naturally

find a greater one anyway. When you’ve performed for some time (to the point where this information stops being helpful) you’ll begin to get a handle on which pokemon will probably be necessary to your fitness center preventing technique, and which of them you’ve been saving up all of that stardust for. So hold an eye fixed out for the belongings you need to stroll out of your means for, discover those nests (uncommon areas of dense particular pokemon populations), and start constructing your core staff (don’t spend that stardust yet although!). The only rule I’ve towards this, and you may take it nevertheless you need, is I’ll typically hand over and run away from advanced pokemon I already have like pidgeotto and pidgeot. This is simply because they have a lot lower catch rates and if I’m operating low on pokeballs, it isn’t actually well worth the effort for 100 exp and 100 stardust for me to blow by way of 15 pokeballs. I set a “3 ball limit” for these guys, however your mileage might range.

6. The exception to stardust guidelines…type of.

I don’t know that I might name it an exception but I might say I understand why you’d spend stardust in this one occasion. You’ll be able to spend stardust ONLY for pokemon you possibly can’t fairly look forward to finding again for a very long time, and EVEN THEN, ONLY IF YOU PLAN TO USE THEM. For example, in the event you’re degree 12 and also you just hatched a snorlax, MAYBE go forward and power it up should you’re determined for lowbie health club action. But I’ll promise you this, should you hatch another snorlax at degree 20, you’ll wish you saved all that stardust and candy (hatched 10 kms can include 25+ candy, which is insanely useful for larger degree hatched pokemon). So achieve this with warning. And I’ll say this as properly; in the event you message me saying you’re degree 12 and you have a super-awesome-rare-pokemon and ask if it’s protected to power up, I will say you don’t have to. I don’t care what pokemon it is. At low ranges, literally nothing is value powering up for my part, and you’ll be glad at later levels whenever you still have all that stardust and candies. But…I do understand in the event you just really need to.

7. The Power-Leveling trick or the pidgey/weedle trick

Power leveling xp in pokemon go

Better get used to this fella when you plan on using this trick

SAVE YOUR LUCKY EGGS! This can be a huge one. It’ll are available to play around ranges 14-25 pretty closely. As you play and comply with the opposite tips, you’ll possible discover you’re getting a bus load of pidgeys/weedles/rattatas/whatever. By the point you’re degree 14 or 15, there’s a great probability you’ll have saved up 200 or more of the candies for every of those, what with transferring and all (critically…there’s tons of them). That is what you’re saving those fortunate eggs for. Once you’ve collected 200+ candies for pidgey, weedle, and/or caterpie (and a bunch for rattata in all probability) you need to stockpile these pokemon as nicely. To take full

benefit, you’ll want at the least 20-25 pidgeys and weedles, and a handful of the others (about 60 in complete of these tremendous widespread pokemon). To evolve a pidgey or weedle in to pidgeotto or kakuna, you’ll want 12 candies. You get a candy for evolving, and another for transferring the pidgeotto and kakuna (don’t think about this part, it’s just additional information). When you’ve gotten em all saved up, turn in your lucky egg by clicking it in your gadgets menu then do the following as quick as attainable. Click on a pidgey/weedle, hit evolve, wait for the animation, close it out, repeat. DO NO EVOLVE ALL THE WAY TO PIDGEOT OR BEEDRILL UNLESS YOU NEED IT FOR YOUR POKEDEX! With the lucky egg on, you’ll get 1000 expertise for every evolution. Should you go quick sufficient, you’ll get between 50,000-60,000 expertise for every fortunate egg. There are some ways to get much more out of your lucky egg, however we’ll hold it easy for this guide. Evolving all the best way to pidgeot will waste 50 candies, you need to solely do the first stage so you’ll be able to evolve probably the most quantity of pokemon to benefit from the trick. Whenever you run out of weedles and pidgeys, move on to caterpies (also 12 for the primary evolution) and rattatas (25 per evolution). Do this until your half hour is up, and also you’ll probably have boosted your self 2 or 3 ranges in simply 30 minutes. Fairly superior right? Save your fortunate eggs to do that everytime you get sufficient candies to take up the complete 30 minutes.

8. Modify your roster.

Only a fast one: When attacking gyms, the sport offers you what it thinks is an effective roster. It isn’t all the time. You’ll be able to click particular person pokemon in that roster to vary em out with better ones, and regulate the preventing order. I feel it matches sort before energy. I.e. it’ll play my 900 electabuzz towards a 1000 vaporeon earlier than enjoying my 1450 vaporeon although my vaporeon runs by means of all the things. Typically it helps, typically it doesn’t matter. You’ll work out your greatest rosters with experience, and there are extra advanced methods for matchups and battling, but don’t worry about that too much for an extended whereas.

9. Don’t put rubbish in gyms to coach towards.

Please. You’re solely hurting your group. There are a couple of very specific strategies some individuals use, like placing a cp 60 magikarp in and beating it with a cp 30 or decrease pokemon. While it does work and might be fairly quick while saving you potions, I personally don’t like that it wastes a fitness center slot. To me, a better technique is to place a superb cp hearth sort so it at the very least helps defend the fitness center just a little bit. Additionally, so as to increase a gyms status (which raises its degree, opening up extra slots for pokemon) you solely have to beat 1 pokemon, not the entire roster.

Often this implies you possibly can practice towards the first pokemon and run away, saving time and typically saving potions. Holding gyms isn’t about having an unstoppable health club, it’s about utilizing up your whole enemy’s potions to allow them to’t take over gyms for a while. So should you can practice towards something that may nonetheless do injury to them, while still building it up fairly shortly, do this as an alternative. However should you’re still a reasonably low degree, its comprehensible in case you put something not-so-great in the fitness center, and different gamers in all probability gained’t offer you a tough time about it.

10. ALWAYS have an egg in your incubator.

Always fill those incubators with eggs

All the time fill those incubators with eggs

Hatching eggs provides an excellent chunk of stardust, a good quantity of experience, and it additionally permits you to get these pokemon you’re in all probability not seeing within the wild. Additionally, don’t waste your limited-use incubators on 2km eggs. Save them for 5km or 10km eggs, and use the infinity incubator on the 2km eggs. In case you don’t know already, the starters come from 2km eggs (albeit not often), so don’t just ignore them. There’s some debate as as to if or not the hatched pokemon’s cp is decided at hatch or at pick-up additionally. However that shouldn’t make an excessive amount of of a difference. Just hold hatching!

11. Don’t fear about IV’s.

You’ve probably heard some larger degree gamers speaking about IV’s. You’ll be able to ignore this for fairly some time. It actually solely matters for greater degree play and doesn’t make much difference till AT LEAST degree 25, if not a lot larger, so don’t concern yourself too much. By the point it issues, you’ll doubtless have discovered about them naturally by way of different players anyway, so it’s not value spending hours digging by means of forums making an attempt to figure it out or freaking out over a getting ONLY a 50% snorlax. Simply catch stuff and hit stuff for a while. Tremendous simple.

12. Study to curveball.

You get a bonus 10 experience for a catch with a curveball. What’s extra, should you get a “Nice!” “Great!” or “Excellent!” shot, the expertise bonus stacks. I know it doesn’t sound like an entire lot, however it provides up. It additionally helps with catch price as properly (supposedly), so get good at it as soon as you possibly can, you’ll degree quicker for a number of causes.

13. Attempt to find a huge path to stroll.

I understand this shall be troublesome for a whole lot of gamers, so perhaps simply maintain it in thoughts for if you’re in a extra pokestop-rich surroundings. If you’ll find a loop of 10 or

more pokestops to hit up, you get a bonus to experience every 10th one. You also get additional gadgets from that 10th stop as nicely. It’s a small point, however when you get within the behavior early it’ll add up, especially when you’re all the time making an attempt to prime up your pokeballs or potions.

14. Handle your inventory!

I need to embrace this because it comes second nature to some individuals and is completely ignored by others. In case you are in an area the place you not often have to fret about having sufficient pokeballs, you’ve in all probability gotten the “full bag” alert. Hold your inventory nice and organized with the suitable number of gadgets for your specific degree. For instance, for those who’re solely 10, you in all probability don’t need 120 revives in your bag. You get a restricted quantity of bag area, so be sure to’re stockpiling the belongings you’ll truly use. When tremendous potions and hyper potions turn into a thing, although, go ahead and save those up. However The game seems to be overly generous with revives and common pokeballs, so you possibly can skinny these out for those who discover you’re getting Three occasions as many as you employ. Up until you begin battling in gyms, you’ll be able to in all probability drop most if not your whole potions and the same for revives. That’ll offer you plenty of bag area for berries and pokeballs. Then when gyms turn out to be a thing, you could need to skinny out your regular pokeballs in favor of tremendous potions and great balls, just be sure to don’t take it right down to zero, you might run out of nice balls fairly shortly. Hold tweaking your inventory until you find what works greatest for you. Bag upgrades aren’t a nasty concept in case you get too overwhelmed.

15. This is going to sound cheesy, however all the time keep in mind IT’S JUST A GAME!

Have enjoyable with it! Don’t concern your self with individuals you assume are cheating. I used to hate individuals who drove their automotive all over the place, particularly because the place I play there are more pokestops than I can rely. I assumed “What the hell? That’s cheating! They’re not playing the game right!” But then I noticed it doesn’t matter. When you’re out strolling or driving your bike enjoying pokemon, you’re getting all the advantages the game was designed around. You’ve gotten the chance to satisfy new individuals and make new buddies (significantly, I’ve met tons of people enjoying). And you get the exercise! I lost about 15 pounds in the first 2-3 weeks the game was out, acquired a tan, and walked over 200 miles (so far). There’s all types of nice things that come with being a traditionalist. But in the event you wanna keep away from all that to drive round in a automotive, go forward, do this too (simply to let you already know, although, pokemon handheld video games have been out for… a while….so when you wanna play pokemon while sitting down, these gained’t value fuel cash).

Everybody will play the game in another way, so simply have enjoyable with it, and determine what you need to get out of it.

The gadgets in this information are in no specific order. All the info is stuff I’ve discovered enjoying myself, or from studying on boards. If anything is wrong, please let me know. If in case you have any questions, be happy to go away feedback and I’ll try to get to them. Hopefully I’ll be capable of get some more how-to’s for some extra in depth subjects if there’s enough curiosity. So hold an eye fixed out for that.

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