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How to pass level 14,16,21,17,20,24,30 in the game 100 doors: Seasons

How to pass level 14,16,21,17,20,24,30 in the game 100 doors: Seasons


We give you an entire walkthrough of the game “100 doors: seasons”, the place we’ll look at all the puzzles in element.

Level 1

  1. Knock on the doorways.

Level 2

  1. Shake your cellular system aside.

Level three

  1. Wipe the display till the glass is obvious.
  2. Faucet on the door.

Level four

  1. Click on on the toe to drop the key.
  2. Decide it up from the flooring and apply it to the closed door.

Level 5

  1. Shortly click on firecrackers on each side of the door at the similar time in order that they mild up shortly.

Level 6

  1. Kli thread at one time on all 4 rotating candies.

Level 7

  1. Rely the variety of Christmas balls in totally different colours.
  2. Pink – 5, purple – 2, yellow – 2 and blue – three.
  3. Organize numbers in the sequence of present bins under.
  4. Reply 5223 enter the code lock close to the door in the panel.

Level eight

  1. Shake the smartphone to get the sweet.
  2. Break all icicles with it. After that, the door will open.

Level 9

  1. Click on and transfer the index mark.
  2. Decide up the hat from the again.
  3. Take away the scarf from the tree.
  4. Now place the hat and scarf on the snowman.

Level 10

  1. Tilt the gadget in order that the stone stays in the blue circle till the scale on the left is totally crammed.

Level 11

  1. Drag the present on the proper to the purple place and decrease it in order that the button on the left is pressed.
  2. You need to pressure the inexperienced the ball hit the inexperienced line on the scale.
  3. Throw a present down from the place the place the icicle hangs.

Level 12

  1. Collect the toys out of the field by tapping it 4 occasions.
  2. Place the masks in accordance to the paw print of the animal proven on it.
  3. Reply: wolf, bear, canine, fox.

Level 13 [19659004] Verify the time on the clock proven on the display.
  • Dial this mix on the keyboard of the smartphone.
  • Level 14

    1. Tilt the telephone to the left to transfer the presents and see the numbers on them.
    2. Contact the brilliant lights from above, and see the numbers on them.
    3. Now match these numbers to match the colours of the presents.
    4. Pink – three , yellow – four, blue – 7, pink – 9 and inexperienced – eight.
    5. Enter the reply 34798 on the keypad's keypad.

    Level 15

    1. Depart the gadget in the horizontal aircraft.
    2. Tilt it to drive ball to the platform.
    3. Transfer the ball ahead to the picket plate and transfer to the proper aspect to ship it to the reverse aspect.

    Level 16

    1. Click on the lamp on the left and switch it off to see fingerprints on the numeric keypad. [19659009] Activate the mild and enter the mixture.
    2. Reply: 0246.

    Level 17

    1. Click on on the door to You’ll be able to spotlight the footage.
    2. Click on on the snowflakes in the order: three, four, 1, 2, four, three.

    Level 18

    1. Shake the gadget 5 occasions in order that the Invisible Hat drops and you discover the key. [19659009] Transfer it to the proper and lift the key.
    2. Use it to open the lock.

    Level 19

    1. Shake the system and the sock will fall.
    2. Click on on the sock to acquire the rocket.
    3. Transfer the presents
    4. Transfer the presents to the left and decide up the matches.
    5. Slide the field lid on the proper and take the final rocket.
    6. Place the missiles over
    7. The rocket will destroy the doorways.

    Level 20

    1. Rely the spikes on the snowflake, shifting from backside to left.
    2. Prime backside – eight, prime left – four, prime proper – 10, decrease proper – 6.
    3. Dial the reply 84106 and open the door.

    Level 21

    1. Recalculate what number of deer and what number of candles are in the room.
    2. Reply: 1917 (19 candles and 17 deer) enter in the panel with numbers.

    Level 22

    1. Faucet on the “Start” button.
    2. Keep in mind the place of the delay (look) of stars.
    3. Appropriately specify these positions To go to the subsequent level.

    Level 23

    1. Pull the Christmas ornament.
    2. Acquire the nuts on the proper and pliers on the left.
    3. Transfer the nuts in the mouth of the Nutcracker.
    4. Use pliers on it to get the key .

    Level 24

    1. Transfer the packing containers to the middle of the room.
    2. Transfer the packing containers (the smaller ones can solely be put in on the bigger ones).

    Level 25

    1. Assemble the snow scraper on the proper and the ice drill on the left. [19659009] Take away the snow from the snowman.
    2. Use the bait on the lure on the left to place the bait on the deal with.
    3. Now apply the drill to the center of the ice by making a gap.
    4. Place the bait with the lure and catch the fish.
    5. Now give the fish to the penguin, and the door will open.

    Level 26

    1. Flip the telephone over and acquire 2 gadgets (mild deal with sword and pickaxe.)
    2. Now use the pickle on the ruby ​​in the center, and a small piece of it should break free.
    3. Use it to insert it into the lightsaber, and launch it.
    4. Now use the laser sword to minimize the door, drawing a sq. on it.
    5. Run this a number of occasions and the door will open.

    Level 27 [19659004] Drag the numbers till the sum of every line provides the quantity 12
  • Prime line: VII, III, II. Center line: IV. Backside line: VI, V, I. ​​
  • Level 28

    1. Shake the system and the field will fall.
    2. Assemble the vacuum cleaner and hairdryer from there.
    3. Now use the hair dryer to defrost the snowman (direct the air circulate till it’s will move.)
    4. Decide up a carrot.
    5. Place the carrot in the hat, use a vacuum cleaner (maintain your finger on the display) to pull out the rabbit and acquire the key.
    6. Use the key to open the door.

    Level 29 [19659004] Faucet the black sq..
  • Rely the variety of squares and triangles on the display.
  • Enter the ensuing quantity (1811).
  • Le vel 30

    1. Take the seeds and a shovel.
    2. Maintain your finger on the clock till they develop into and the time of yr modifications.
    3. Dig a gap with a scapula.
    4. Pour the seeds into it and drag it their land.
    5. Now take a watering can subsequent to it and sprinkle a gap on the water.
    6. Transfer the time once more, as in the first paragraph, to develop the tree.
    7. Proceed the cycle till the plant is robust and provides you the key to Lock.

    Level 31

    1. Click on the button subsequent to the door.
    2. Rework all the squares on the display.

    Level 32

    1. Co. Znite all icons with the picture of winter sports activities.

    Level 33

    1. Shake the system and gather the bullets on the proper.
    2. Now rub on the ice to soften it, and take one other bullet.
    3. Slide the field on the proper and acquire two extra patrons.
    4. Take one other one in the higher left nook of the constructing.
    5. Increase the shotgun.
    6. Apply it and hit the 5 objectives in the center.

    Level 34

    1. Shift the numbers in order that they’re full numbers.  how to get through the game of 100 doors

    Level 35

    1. Deliver the hearth to the left to the most and decide up the tongs.
    2. Take the gold bar in the center and place it in the hearth.
    3. Put it in the center and put it in the barrel on the left.
    4. Now you might have gold medal, transfer to the proper, give it to the bear.
    5. Take the silver subsequent to the leopard.
    6. Put it in the hearth, then onto the platform and once more in chilly water.
    7. Give the silver medal to the rabbit.
    8. Seize the copper with the flooring.
    9. Do the similar process with it.
    10. Give it to the leopard, and the door will open.

    Level 36

    1. Tapn go on the code lock.
    2. Write the phrase “OLYMPICS” there.

    Level 37

    1. Begin the puzzles.
    2. You want to “expel” the pink flask.

    Level 38

    1. Transfer the caps to every hit the shelf with the corresponding flag.

    Level 39

    1. Transfer the white shade trophy to the proper aspect to launch the panel with keys.
    2. HALL – yellow – eight.
    3. OF – white – 7.
    4. FA + ME – pink + white. So, (purple – eight) + (white – 7) = 15.
    5. Dial 8715 and open the door.

    Level 40

    1. Take the rope left and proper.
    2. Carry the bottle of oil.
    3. Now place each ropes on the vase and on the hook.
    4. Click on and maintain the button on the proper to carry the vase up.
    5. Take a noticed.
    6. Put a bottle of oil underneath the vase.
    7. Now reduce the rope and let the vase fall
    8. Tilt the gadget to the proper and open door.

    Level 41

    1. Take the can from above.
    2. Gather the honey from the hive in it.
    3. Place the honey at the backside proper.
    4. Take these slingshot and gum on the department to the left.
    5. Decide up a stone from the floor.
    6. Shoot a slingshot into the hive.
    7. Now increase the key and open the door.

    Level 42

    1. Click on “Play” and maintain in the head are the numbers that present the indicators (356245).
    2. The blue arrow tells you to enter numbers in reverse order.
    3. Reply: 542653.

    Level 43

    1. Take the can in the decrease proper. [19659009] Catch the firefly in it.
    2. Now place it on the proper aspect of the lamp and you will notice 158.
    3. Use the can and catch the firefly once more.
    4. Put it into the left lamp and you will notice 736.
    5. Now enter 158736 and open the door.

    Level 44

    1. Take a look at the bar with the letters under.
    2. There are not any letters C (three), E (5 ), J (10) and W (23).
    3. Reply: 351023.

    Level 45

    1. Faucet on the keys subsequent to the door (prompts and deactivates what’s close to it).
    2. Reply: decrease proper, decrease left, higher left, higher proper, higher center, higher proper, proper center, decrease proper.

    Level 46

    1. Take the quantity 378901624 on the wallpaper.

    Level 47

    1. Take the bucket on the proper and cement on prime. [19659009] Pour the cement into the machine on the left.
    2. Use the bucket to gather water and sand for the machine.
    3. Now shake the system and the gate will fall.
    4. Place them on the water.
    5. Pour the cement on them and pass.

    Level 48

    1. In the puzzle, organize the crosses, guided by the numerical prompts on the panel.

    Level 49

    1. Increase the hammer.
    2. Use a hammer to break the wall, press about ten occasions.
    3. Now take brick and scrap.
    4. Put a brick on the left and apply a crowbar.
    5. Now seize one other brick and place a brick A.
    6. Once more, apply scrap on it.

    Level 50

    1. Analyze the components and discover out the values ​​of the letters A, B, C, D, E.
    2. 9 9 7 + 2 = 9 9
    3. three three 7 + 7 = three four four
    4. 2 1 9 + 2 = 2 2 1
    5. ABCDE = 94321.
    6. Enter the reply.

    This concludes the passage of the first a part of the game.

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